5 Ways to Keep Your Teeth White After Cosmetic Whitening

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Cosmetic dental whitening is a non-invasive oral treatment done by dentists and dental hygienists to change the color of natural dental enamel with efforts geared toward smile enhancement. Some of the reasons for getting a dental whitening procedure include:

  • Normal wearing out of the enamel
  • Having brown or yellow stained teeth
  • Dental fluorosis
  • To remove teeth stains caused by medications

In-office teeth whitening is the most common stain removal method most of the population uses. The popularity of this procedure has been influenced by its efficiency in removing stains and its affordable costs. To get professional whitening treatment, book an appointment at Confident Smile Dentistry. Our =dentist in Pinellas Park, FL, will help you through and give you the guidelines to maintain the whitening results.

How to Maintain Your Teeth Following a Whitening Procedure?

After having successful teeth whitening near you, there are protocols you’ll need to follow to maintain the results and keep stains off your teeth. Ensuring that your teeth remain white after investing your money, time, and effort to whiten them is a different game entirely. Being “proactive” instead of “reactive” will help prolong the whitening results.

The five main proactive tips for maintaining a white smile include:

  1. Maintain a good dental hygiene routine

Your daily dental hygiene routine is the most important determinant of your oral health and a key step in maintaining a long-term white smile appearance and good dental health. Ideally, one should brush teeth at least twice daily (before bed and one other time). This makes sure that all food particles have been removed and none is left behind to form dental plaque when you sleep.

To prolong the effects of whitening treatment, experts recommend brushing your teeth each time you eat or consume dark-colored beverages.

  1. Watching out for beverages and foodstuffs that cause teeth stains

Pigmented fruits like blueberries, dark sauces, and dark-colored beverages like cola, coffee, and red wine should be avoided after a whitening treatment to avoid staining teeth. One doesn’t have to avoid these foodstuffs completely, just take them in controlled amounts or drink the staining liquids with a straw.

  1. Making regular visits to the dentist for touch-up whitening

Visiting your dentist’s office should be a part of your dental care routine. According to oral experts, the secret to maintaining white teeth is going for professional cleanings every six months. At your dental cleaning appointment, the dentist will thoroughly remove any dental plaque present, followed by fluoride application treatment to fight tooth decay.

In addition, you can also consider booking dental whitening touch-up appointments to keep stains further away and prolong the whitening effect. The dental professional will determine how frequent the touch-up appointment will be.

  1. Drink plenty of water and rinse often.

Drinking water in adequate amounts allows sufficient saliva production. Saliva washes away the food particles left behind after eating a meal, and this further reflects why people with disorders that cause low saliva production are at a higher risk of tooth decay.

Rinsing the mouth with water after meals is also recommended. Rinsing washes away stuck food particles that would otherwise start discoloration.

  1. Consider an electric toothbrush.

According to research experts, using an electric brush to clean your teeth is far better than using a manual toothbrush, and their efficacy differences are noticeable. Using an electric brush helps to combat staining caused by external factors like smoking or high consumption of dark-colored drinks like coffee and red wine. Although an electric toothbrush is not a substitute for a whitening treatment, it helps wash away red wine and coffee remnants that can stain teeth.

In addition, an electric brush is more efficient at preventing intrinsic stains than a manual one as it vibrates, oscillates, and rotates more, breaking-up bacteria way better than the latter.


Making teeth remain white for years is quite difficult, no matter what action you take. After a few months, most people will notice the yellowing of teeth. This should not worry you as it is a natural process. So, in conclusion, the best way to maintain the white appearance of teeth is to have regular teeth whitening sessions. Remember, the best way to benefit from whitening procedures is to practice good dental care to lessen staining over time.