Dental Exams and Cleanings

Routine dental check-ups and cleaning are extremely important in maintaining your oral health. We offer a comprehensive dental exam, which includes checking all your teeth for signs of decay or infection, taking x-rays and an oral cancer screening. Twice yearly dental cleaning is also recommended to remove all the plaque and tartar. Regular check-ups ensure any issues can be identified and dealt with immediately.

Exams & Cleanings in Pinellas Park, Florida

Routine exams & cleanings are necessary in order to maintain a healthy smile. If you need exams & cleanings near you, we welcome you to visit the team at Confident Smile Dentistry. Our trusted and caring dentist in Pinellas Park, Florida wants to make sure that you have optimal oral health and hygiene.

Dr. Nguyen is an experienced dentist near you who provides comprehensive dental exams & cleanings in Pinellas Park, Florida. We proudly serve the surrounding areas, too, so that everyone has access to the care they need.

At Confident Smile Dentistry, we accept all ages, so don’t hesitate to make appointments for all of your loved ones. If you are ready to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Nguyen, please call our office, and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

What Is It?

For the dental exam, Dr. Nguyen gives your mouth and teeth a comprehensive examination to look for anything of concern. If something abnormal is found, we will present you with a complete treatment plan centered on resolving your dental problems.

During the cleaning, special dental instruments assist in removing debris and harmful bacteria from your teeth. If any plaque is present on your teeth, it will be removed to help prevent decay and gum disease.

At Confident Smile Dentistry, we care about your teeth. We want to help you maintain proper hygiene between visits, so you can look forward to receiving information and tips on how to improve your home dental care.

How Often Are Exams & Cleanings Needed?

It’s best if you get exams & cleanings at least twice per year. This lets us administer powerful, detailed cleanings that regular brushing and flossing don’t provide. It also gives us a chance to check for things like gum disease, oral cancer, tooth decay, and more.

It pays to be proactive about your dental care. If you think it’s time for your bi-annual exam & cleaning, please contact the experts at Confident Smile Dentistry right away. We would love to help you get back on track with your dental care.

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