Fastbraces are just like traditional braces. The major difference is that Fastbraces are more affordable, and a shorter period of time is required to complete the treatment. This dental procedure uses triangular brackets and a flexible wire that moves the tooth crown and root at the same time. This means you will feel the difference in your smile within a few weeks! Clear Fastbraces are also available, making them an excellent choice

FASTBRACES® in Pinellas Park, FL

Are you thinking about getting braces? Maybe you want to try something other than traditional braces. Many people dislike thinking about how long they would need to wear braces. If this sounds like you, FASTBRACES® might be the right option for you.

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What Is It?

FASTBRACES use low-profile brackets with flexible wires, making them an easier method for straightening the teeth. The brackets and wires provide root movement as soon as treatment starts. This will help to keep the roots in the correct position throughout the process.

How Fast Does It Work?

With FASTBRACES, you will start to notice a difference in the position of the teeth within the first few weeks. In total, you will need to wear FASTBRACES for three months to one year. Note that the length of the treatment varies. Depending on how straight your teeth are prior to treatment, you may need them for more or less time.

Traditional braces take two to three years to straighten the teeth. If you are looking for a quicker option, FASTBRACES may be the right choice for you.

Is It Suitable for Children or Adults?

FASTBRACES and traditional braces are appropriate for people of all ages. Both children and adults can get them.

To determine if this treatment is right for your child, talk to our dentist near you about FASTBRACES in Pinellas Park, FL.

Does Insurance Cover It?

If you’re interested in using insurance to pay, you’re in luck. Many dental insurance plans cover this treatment partially or fully.

It’s important to talk to your dental insurance provider to learn more about what is and isn’t covered. This can help you to make a decision when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures. Insurance providers vary and talking to your insurance provider will help you to know what to expect when it’s time to pay.

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