Which are the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants Compared to Other Tooth Replacement Options?

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If you have one or more missing tips, you might have noticed the dental implant commercials on TV or wondered if you qualify for dental treatment. Today dentists praise the work that dental implant offers. However, dental implants have some pros and cons to consider. Fortunately, the cons have very beneficial pros that outweigh them.

Dental implants are the best alternatives that you can come across if you require more than one artificial tooth. But are you aware of the pros and cons of dental implants compared with other tooth replacement options?

What are Dental Implants?

These implants consist of tiny screws made of titanium and inserted in the jaw to help replace your missing teeth. They are considered the best dental treatment for missing teeth because your dentist secures them firmly into one of your jawbones to help preserve the structure of your jaw. Moreover, the implant offers an unmovable anchor for your final teeth restoration.

What are The Types of Dental Implants?

One can get several kinds of dental implants based on the number of missing teeth they have. Some of the most recommended types of dental implants include:

Full Arch Dental Implants

If you have a full arch of missing teeth, you need complete arch implants in Confident Smile Dentistry. The process involves your dentist installing about 4 to 6 implants to help replace your missing teeth along the arch. However, they won’t install the permanent teeth immediately after the procedure. Instead, you will require to go home and wait for the jaw to heal after the placement of the dental implants.

The healing period takes weeks or months, like three to six months. During the recovery, the dentist begins to create a permanent set of your dentures.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Among the best types of tooth replacement options if most of a person stays there missing is full mouth dental implants. Dental implants help replace missing or failing teeth in the upper and lower jaws. If one has lost most or all of their teeth to gum disease or cavities, then full-mouth dental implants will be the best option for the missing teeth.

Once you book an appointment with our dentist in Pinellas Park, be ready to get your teeth extracted if you have any remaining. This is because a full-month dental implant procedure involves placing several screws along the jaw bone. After the installation, your dentist gives your jaw several weeks to heal for the implants to be properly integrated into the jawbone.

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants Compared to Other Tooth Replacements

Some of the pros of dental implants near you include the following:

Your Dental Implants Can Last Forever

If you take good care of your implants, they can last for a lifetime. Also, the failure rate of dental implants is extremely low. Dental implants Pinellas Park are the most proven and effective dental treatment in modern dentistry.

Implants Mimic Natural Teeth

No other tooth replacement options are non-invasive and holistic to your smile dental implants. The design of this implant is based on the natural shape and size of your teeth. This feature mixes them to support your facial tissues and bone for a youthful and healthy appearance.

Dental Implants are Cost Effective Missing Teeth Treatment

Compared to other options for teeth replacement that need to be replaced every several years, the price of implants is relatively lower.

Cons of dental implants

The cons include:

One Needs Enough Bone to Support Dental Implant

As with natural teeth, one needs enough bone to hold implants. If you stay long with the missing tooth, it shrinks your bone. Unfortunately, bone loss also occurs if one loses a tooth due to gum disease. Fortunately, a dentist can perform a bone graft to help with this dilemma.

The Initial Investments in Implant Costs more than Other Options

The upfront dental treatment expenses are slightly more if one gets dental implants than other tooth replacement options such as dentures. However, the long-term period proves this investment is worth it.

Dental Implant Process can be Time Consuming

You will need several pieces of treatment when planning for your dental implant surgery. It needs more than one visit to a dentist near you to be complete. This is from consultation and exam to the surgical placement and healing phase and restorative visits. This process takes around six months to complete.