Reasons Why You Need Emergency Dental Care

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No one enjoys a dental problem. Emergencies can occur at any time of the day without warning. And sometimes we see the signs but might choose to ignore them. These signs might be life-threatening. We shouldn’t overlook signs that connect to a dental problem.

A dental emergency is nothing like a dental checkup that includes regular cleaning, X-rays, and consultation. Generally, if a dental problem requires quick treatment to get rid of fractured teeth, lost fillings, severe pain, bleeding, or cracks are called Emergency Dentistry. However, we can’t conclude that every dental problem is an emergency. To confirm if your dental issue needs an emergency you can visit an emergency dentist in Pinellas Park.

Do all teeth problems require emergency dental attention?

If your dental issue can wait for 2 days before you make an appointment with the dentist then it isn’t an emergency. You can also delay a toothache treatment if you don’t feel too much pain. However, if you can’t stand the pain or there’s a teeth infection and if you feel a rise in your body temperature or swelling around the teeth due to the toothache, you should not postpone your appointment with the dentist.

When should I visit an emergency dentist?

Some signs or symptoms should be noticed and backed up with immediate actions. These signs are:

  • Bleeding gums: if you noticed that your gums bleed whenever you brush, then it could be a sign of gum infection. Though it’s not unusual for gums to bleed a little after brushing. It could be that you might have injured yourself while brushing forcefully. But some people often think that all bleeding gums are proper. No, they are not. It can also be a sign that the person has Gingivitis (a gum disease caused by inappropriate washing of the mouth). However, if the bleeding keeps reoccurring and is severe with pains or swelling, then that’s a great sign before you. If left unattended, it can be life-threatening. You should visit the dentist immediately.
  • Numbness due to severe toothache: Toothaches can be very uncomfortable and painful. Sometimes they have to leave disturbing side effects on the affected person. if you feel numbness around the tooth area where you had a severe toothache, that’s a sign that you need emergency dental care. When a person suffers from a toothache, they are prone to infections that stretch out to the root of the teeth and that can be the reason for numbness at the tooth area or even the face (jaw, cheeks, and chin area). Please do not hesitate to visit the dentist.
  • Swollen jaw: When a person complains of swollen joints then it could be that they have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). TMD is a popular dental issue that causes serious jaw pains. TMD can be a result of teeth grinding during sleep or an accident that affects the jaw. Though, swelling of your jaw can also be a symptom of mouth infection. For instance, Canker sores. Canker sores are painful sores in the mouth, caused by bacteria or viruses. Canker sores are not abnormal since there are several reasons why they appear. It could also be a result of inadequate vitamins. Most times they last for a week or 2 and then disappear. If the canker sores refuse to leave and last for more than 3 weeks with extreme pain, causing a swollen jaw and discomfort, a dentist in Pinellas Park will look into possible symptoms relating to canker sores. All these are signs that you need immediate dental care.
  • Cracked or broken tooth: Accidents can happen anytime. If you get a broken or knocked-out tooth after an accident, it is a dental emergency. People who suffer from sudden tooth loss have high tendencies of feeling extreme pain. If they can visit the dentist as soon as possible, they can save the tooth and get relief from the severe pain. Also, the dentist can recommend a suitable tooth cap that would replace the cracked or knocked-off teeth.
  • Unexpected toothache: If you feel a disturbing pain around your teeth that stops you from doing other things, concentrating at work, eating, or even talking, then it is a sign that you’re suffering from a severe toothache. Severe toothaches can be an indication of gum infection and they can also cause fever, swollen face or mouth, and tooth sensitivity. If the pain becomes so extreme and doesn’t go away after you’ve tried some home remedies, it’s time to visit your emergency dentist.